Group Therapy

Sometimes, there's no substitute for the feedback from people who've walked the path you're walking.  

This is just one reason that group therapy facilitated by a counseling professional is such a valuable investment of time and energy. Knowing you're not alone, that others share your struggles, and hearing what others have done to address those challenges can be a profound source of wisdom, peace, and reassurance.

That's why we offer the following therapy groups. Each is facilitated by a (licensed/ certified?) LIFE counselor. 


LIFE's Women's Group provides a safe environment for women to receive support, share experiences, and develop proven methods of coping with chronic mental health conditions. Topics of discussion range from coping with depression or anxiety, to reducing family stress, defining and enforcing personal boundaries, to processing and moving past hurts and hang-ups.


Designed specifically for teenage girls (ages 14-18), this group serves young women who want to improve their communication and leadership skills. This group offers a safe place to learn and grow new skills. Topics of discussion will focus on empowerment, building character, defining values, and growing self-confidence.


Intended for pre-and-early teen age for boys (ages 11-14), this group provides a safe and thoughtful setting for young men who would like to improve their interpersonal relationships and communication skills and increase their self-awareness.  Topics of discussion will range from communication and making friends to anger management and resolving conflicts to self-esteem and how to fit in without giving in to peer pressure. 

For more information about any of these groups, call LIFE Counseling Center at 208) 465-LIFE (5433).  Our office hours are 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, with Saturday and evening appointments available on request. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals for a life that looks more like the one you envisioned. (back)